There are SO many reasons!  It's not just about FOOD, it's about COMMUNITY. Check out our many GARDENER TESTIMONIALS.

As a member you will enjoy:

  • A variety of natural, fresh produce that you grow yourself and take home!
  • FREE on-going farming & gardening instruction!
  • Social network of kindred spirits
  • End-of-season harvest celebration!
  • Supporting a local farm and share in the bounty!
  • Experiencing community in a peaceful, natural setting!
  • Soil that has been tested by the NRCS (USDA organization)
  • Connecting to the earth

 Frequently Asked Questions about the CSG.

  1. Complete the (2017 Sunset Vista SHARECROPPER AGREEMENT ). Send form and payment. You will receive instruction with updates on what to do as we go along, step by step.
  2. Attend a mandatory informative tour, which will get you familiar with where everything is and how things work here at the farm.
  3. Attend the kick-off the season meeting and meet fellow sharecroppers.
  4. Show up ready to start in April, May or June at the latest. Garden will be open daily during daylight hours.


Are you a business? Organization? Place of Worship? Will you sponsor our food pantry growing with a tax-deductible contribution?  We publicly thank and recognize our food pantry supporters for your generous help.


Reserve your sharecropper garden plot.

Garden Plot: 15' x 30'

Read and print the Sunset Vista SHARECROPPER AGREEMENT / Registration Form

By making your online reservation, you are agreeing to the Sharecropper Agreement.

I understand and agree to the following:

  • The CSG at Sunset Vista Community Garden is worked as a cooperative effort by the sharecroppers, with the land being leased in parcels from Sunset Vista. SVCG will provide ongoing workshops, guidance, assistance and step-by-step instruction if needed, to produce the most successful and abundant crops. The farm, soil, crops, animals, and gardens must be treated respectfully. There will be no pesticide or harmful chemical use as we aim for life-giving, all natural food that will be clean, fresh and healthful.
  • Sharecroppers’ fees enable them to share in the economic responsibilities of maintaining a natural farm for produce, and allow them to take home the healthful bounty of the cooperative effort.
  • There will be some tools available, to be shared by the group, but it will be necessary to bring some personal gardening tools.
  • It is suggested to bring soil conditioner for the type of crops chosen to grow. This could be manure, compost, or bags of nutrient-enriched garden soil. OMRI certified only! Sharecroppers choose what to grow based on what they want to eat! It is encouraged that many sharecroppers will exchange produce with each other to provide for a wide variety of consumption over the growing period.
  • Sharecroppers will supply their own seeds or seedlings.
  • You must be neighborly and keep your plot tidy and tended. If left unattended, it reverts back to the CSG.
  • If a plot is not planted by June 30, it will be forfeited. No refund will be given as it is too late to find another person to take over that space.
  • We will till for you the first time, then it is your responsibility to plant, or cover the plot to prevent further weed growth. We cannot till over and over because you did not tend your plot.
  • In the event a member cannot continue to sharecrop through the whole season, any balance is still due SVCG. The suggestion will be to find another sharecropper to take over the abandoned plot.
  • Your plot must be cleaned up by Oct. 31, the close of the CSG season. If you close up earlier, written notice must be provided to the farm. You can make arrangements to extend your growing period for winter crops at no additional charge.