Sunset Vista is a DDD-approved provider. We offer programs that can accommodate a variety of audiences, including youth, adults, and people with special needs. These courses enable participation, and many sensory experiences. We will schedule group workshops at the farm, or at your location.

DDD-APPROVED COURSES are one hour long, $20 per attendee, per workshop (Aides are welcome to attend at no additional charge).

We will show how a food dehydrator works, and actually use one. We will have canning equipment to handle and will compare fresh herbs vs dried herbs.

  • Donating to a food pantry.
  • Drying herbs and fruit.
  • Canning tomatoes, pumpkin, etc
  • Freezing foods
  • Storing food over the winter.


Harvesting Food
$ 20.00

Here we will have many sensory experiences.

We will work with the aromas of basil, lavender, and other aromatic plants.

We will talk about why we don’t need to be afraid of garden bugs, and will examine the difference between sprouts, flowers and fruit.

  • What is needed for plants to grow? (sun, water, etc)
  • How to identify weeds from the real food.
  • How to deal with insects that want you to share your vegetables.
  • What will the insects look like?
  • Which ones are good, and which ones are not good?
  • What are the plants doing? (sprout, flower, fruit, etc)
  • What do you need to do to help the plants grow strong?


Growing Your Own Food
$ 20.00

This is a hands-on workshop for those who wish to make a newspaper plant pot, harvest seeds out of sunflower heads, talk about what kinds of food grow and are good for you to eat.

  • Planning what to grow.
  • Easiest vegetables, fruits and herbs to start with.
  • Where to get equipment and how to use it.
  • What kind of seeds to get and where to get them.
  • Why it is best to eat food grown with no pesticides on them.
  • When to plant and how.


Starting A Food Garden
$ 20.00

We will have everyone toss some vegetables and fruit into the juicer to make a healthful drink. We will look at patterns in produce, like the pattern inside an apple, and we will paint with radishes.

  • Identifying fruits and vegetables.
  • Making sauces, pesto, smoothies, juicing, salads.
  • Cleaning, peeling, cutting up, and eating raw produce.
  • What vegetables and fruits do for you to make you healthy.
  • How to know if the produce is ripe, rotten, or just not yet ready.


How To Enjoy Fresh Produce
$ 20.00