Farm To School Program

"Sussex County's Teaching Farm"

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Available in English and Spanish. 


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                                              Hourly $75 per hour,  1/2 day (3 hours) $200, full day (6 hours) $400



Please consider that there is MUCH prep time on the part of our teachers to bring you the absolute best current program possible, and to make it coincide with topics you may be currently teaching. Our teachers hold Masters Degrees in Education, and have taught outdoor programs at the Fairview Lake YMCA, as well as nature programs at Sunset Vista's farm location in Andover Twp, NJ.
                                  Contact us at: 973-579-7382

Presentation of Farm and Garden Adventures in YOUR School, available for all age groups.

Program involves our visit to your school so we can bring the farm experience to you!

Hourly, half or full day interactive activities set up in your classroom, gym or auditorium, designed to help students strengthen inquiry skills, increase content knowledge of life science, and develop an understanding of the role of plants in human health. Learning outcomes are based on National Standards for Science Education.


CHOOSE FROM THE FOLLOWING PROGRAMS or we can create a program to work with your current topics. You may also select a workshop from our current WORKSHOP tab.

Planting the Seed

Wildlife GardenerSM: Excerpts from the Junior Master Gardener Program that engages students in “hands-on” learning experiences that promote a love of gardening, appreciation for the environment, and a better understanding of wildlife and its value in a garden habitat. Produced in collaboration with the National Wildlife Federation.


Farm to Table and Beyond

Students learn about our global food system and how parts of this system interact and influence each other. They analyze and explore their personal food choices. Published by Teachers College, Columbia Univ.


Botany on Your Plate

Investigating the Plants We Eat: Children explore edible roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds through observation, dissection, journaling and tasting. Published: Univ. of Calif. Botanical Garden & Nat’l Gardening Assoc.


Growing Food

Linking Food and the Environment, (LiFE), an inquiry based science and nutrition program from Teachers College, Columbia University. By investigating the question, “How does nature provide us with food?” students learn about the cycling of matter, flow of energy and food systems.


Farm to School Program's Mission

Helping students make healthy choices through innovative educational experiences. Our purpose is to excite children about healthful eating, deepen their understanding of and appreciation for the interconnectedness of our natural world.