February 21, 2011

Twenty-three people, mostly from Sussex County but some from Hudson, Essex, and Morris Counties attended the kick-off meeting for the 2011 growing season at Sunset View Farm in Andover Township, Saturday Feb 19.

Last year's Community Supported Garden members shared how they enjoyed working the land last year and talked about the 200+ pounds of produce harvested from one plot. Leaders from several boy and girl scout groups were in attendance to see how scouts could benefit from joining the farm activities, and how they could help. Participants heard about and helped plan for the many new things happening at the farm this year. The plans include the addition of a new CSA, Community Supported Agriculture program, different from the current CSG in that members purchase shares and pick up their food every two weeks, as opposed to working their own plots and growing their own food.

Our farm has also gone solar, with solar panels being installed Monday, Feb. 21 out in the field. Blackberry, raspberry and blueberry bushes will be planted this year for future pick-your-own. Twenty fruit trees will be planted to line the roadway. Two hoop houses are being set up in March or April. A 500 gallon water tank will be set up on the property, and rain gutters are being installed on the barn to allow water to flow into rain barrels around the barn. A small vineyard will be begun this year, continuing the progress toward making the farm a Tuscan look-alike. Plans to incorporate new Permaculture ideas and classes have begun. New workshops have been added, along with 2 new teachers.

"All this can only be possible with the help of the wonderful volunteers. I'm really very grateful to them!", says owner Linda Grinthal. Information about the CSG, CSA and farm workshops can be obtained by calling 973-579-7382.

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