The Second Graders from St. Michael's in Netcong enjoyed their September field trip!

We are proud to share their reactions and raves below!








"Dear Mrs. Grinthal,
I had the greatest field trip ever. I had the best day ever. I had so much fun learning about animal's habatats!
Love, Austin"

"It was a great trip. Your cat is really cute. Building the bird’s nest was really cool! I really want to go back again!
Love, Kyle"

"That was the best trip we have ever had. The animals were so cute. I like to feed the animals. Thank you so much!
Love, Nicholas"

"I loved the field trip. I love the nest and the goats on the field trip. It was a blast. Thank you so much.
Love, Eric"

"The trip was awesome. I can’t belive that you let us go. You rock!
Love, Joey"

"The class had a great time!! It was so so so so so so so so munch fun!! I really want to go back!!
Love, Kelly"

"Thank you that was the best day. Thank’s that was very fun. Thank’s for teaching me about animals. Love, Ciara"

"Thank you for having us. I liked when we ran in the field. I also liked the play. I liked seeing all the cool animals. I had a great time!
Love, Danny"