Our most popular workshop.  Step- by- step easy instructions. Handle the equipment and learn what you will need to “put up” delicious, fresh produce for the winter.  Individual (13 years and up) $7.00 paid in advance. ($10 at the door)





Remember those times we lost electricity? I was without electricity, heat and water for 10 days. But it was an adventure! Come learn what FOUR essentials you need in your closet, what food to store so you don’t have to go search for wild edibles, and how to have peace of mind that you are prepared, even for a more extended period of blackouts.

Join our natural building expert, Brian Handrich, as he demonstrates how to make useful outdoor structures using natural materials anyone can find and work with.

It’s so easy and so rewarding to make your own cheese! You don’t need a cauldron. You can do it in your own kitchen. Soft cheese is quick and easy to make, and you will enjoy serving it at a get-together and hear all the comments. “This is delicious! YOU made it YOURSELF?!”

Our ancestors grew what they needed to survive, without the help of pesticides or herbicides.
We can too, and it’s not a hardship. It’s a joy. Learn what you need to have in your “survival garden” that will be easy to grow, provide good health, flavor like you can’t get at the supermarket, and the emotional satisfaction of growing what you like, and eating it fresh from the garden.